About Us

In 2004, I was working in Old Town and was looking to make a little extra income. I frequently spent lunches going home to walk my dog, so a coworker mentioned that people made a living providing that service. It was definitely an exciting thought!

Things started slowly, which was all I could handle with another job. By the start of 2005, business had picked up enough so that I knew I would need to focus solely on dog walking, so by May of 2005, it became my full time job.

We currently provide service to most of Alexandria. We've had hundreds of clients, thousands of walks, and have made great friends along the way. We now offer mid-day walks, pet sits, play groups and boarding.

Commitment to Quality

After hiring several dog walkers to help out, I was faced with the decision of hiring additional people to help me manage the business in order to expand. But, I decided I was already happy where I was. While it could be exciting seeing the business grow, I knew it meant I would lose touch with many of the day-to-day activities. I'm extremely happy with the balance I've struck. I attend every initial consultation in order to meet clients and their pets, I handle all walker scheduling, I act as one of the primary backup walkers, and I'm the direct contact for clients.

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