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Pick-up and Drop-Off Is Included

Dogs Join in the Daily Playgroup for Free!

Is Your Dog Getting a True "Like Home" Experience?


I strive to make your pet's visit as comfortable as a night at home. Both dog boarding and playgroup are intentionally limited. This allows me to focus my affection on every pet.


When pets stay with me:


 They have completely free roam of my house.

 They get to spend tons of time playing in my yard (and I'm out there with them every second!)

 They get to join in with my Daily Playgroup at no extra cost

 They get more affection throughout the entire day than they can handle!


I specialize in taking care of the most spoiled dogs. Here's a typical daily schedule for dogs boarding with me:

7:00am Wake up and go outside for 15 minutes
7:15am Breakfast
9:00am Play outside for 20-30 minutes
11:00am - 12:00pm Playgroup
2:00pm Play outside for 20-30 minutes
5:00pm Dinner
8:00pm Play outside for 20-30 minutes
11:00pm Go outside for 15 minutes
12:00am Bedtime

As you can see, they'll get tons of time to play in the yard and wear themselves out. The rest of the day they're hanging out with me inside and getting all the attention they crave. If they're lucky, they'll get to hear me play some really awful piano.

Dog Boarding Pricing

Dog Boarding pricing is made up of three time slots: Before 10am, 10 - 5pm, After 5pm. A full day of boarding is $54. Pick-up and Drop-off days are prorated, as shown below:

Day I Pick Up Every Day in Between Day I Drop Off
Before 10am $54 $18
10am - 5pm $36 $54 $36
After 5pm $18 $54

Please Note: Since each dog will have free roam of my house, they must be fully housetrained. Also, since they will be among other dogs in the house and during playgroup, they must not have any current or past aggression issues. Up-to-date shots will be required.

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Doggy Workout has been proudly serving Alexandria VA with affordable, loving pet care since 2004. We provide dog playgroups and dog boarding throughout Alexandria. Please read our reviews, have a look around our website, and let us know if you have any questions!

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